1. Email us your drawings.
  2. We return your list.
  3. We invoice you.

Easy as 123!

Data Protection

At TW Roof Estimating, we value the security of our customer’s personal information and take all reasonable steps to ensure it is protected at all times.

We will collect some information from you in order to process your order, and also to ensure we can deliver the best possible service to you. The information we will collect includes: Your name, address, phone number, and email address. Also, when you check out your shopping basket, you will be asked for your payment information, however we never get to access this information as it is collected securely by our payment service provider, Stripe.

You are entitled by law to ask us to stop sending you marketing emails, and to request a copy of the information we hold about you. To do this, please just send us a contact form from our get in touch page. We will never share your information with a 3rd party without your prior explicit consent.

Any information we collect or retain about you will be done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

In addition, you know that your session on our website is in a secure encrypted environment when you see https:// in the web address, and/or when you see the locked padlock symbol alongside the URL. So when sharing information with TW Roof Estimating, you can be sure that you are completely protected.

Payment Security

All of our payments are processed by BACS. This is the system you use to transfer money from your account to someone elses, which you probably do on regular occasion without even thinking about it. We provide all the details you need to make payment for our services on our invoice which will be sent to you via email or post.

BACS is the name given to the direct payment system used by many companies around the UK for payroll and other services. The system is operated by BACS Payment Schemes Limited, a membership system comprised of the 19 leading banks and building societies in the country.


Cookies are small crumbs of data deposits used by many websites, where certain information is stored so that the site can ‘remember’ what you have been doing. At A Scents of Scotland, we use cookies to remember the contents of your shopping cart as you browse around the site, to allow you to see recently viewed items and associated products, as well as store your personal information via “My Account”. You are able to switch your cookies off, by accessing the internet settings on your browser. If you switch off cookies on our site you will be able to browse our products, but you will not be able to place any orders with us (as the site won’t be able to remember what you have selected).