TW Roof Estimating will provide a comprehensive list of measurements & materials required to complete your project. This list will include all materials required including ventilation, lead or GRP products for valleys, abutments and bonding gutters, all dry fix products for ridges, hips and verges, tiling and counter battens as well as underlay. We supply your list in a simple and easy to understand format, perfect to obtain prices from your chosen supplier or to ‘shop around’ for the best prices...

If you are a contractor, you may just want the measurements i.e. m2 area, metre length of ridge, verge, hips, valley etc. If this is the case, we can supply this in any format required. (e.g. a company spreadsheet).

TW Roof Estimating can also provide flat roofing measurements.
We provide you with the measurements in an easy to understand meter squared measurments for the area and all edge trim and accessories.
(Individual material quantities not supplied)

Need help measuring your roof? Click here for our useful "how to" guide.